South Beach One of the Best Weight Loss Diets

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For people who have a weight loss problem trying to lose weight and keep it off can be a constant endeavor. Going on a diet to only have the weight come back on after you have finished can be devastating to one’s self esteem and confidence. You may feel like dieting is a total failure as the issues relating to weight loss are not really being addressed. However there is hope for those of us trying to shed a few extra pounds. Finding the right diet, coupled with a healthy mindset and the focus to keep going is all that is needed to live a fitter, healthier life.

In this article we will be discussing one of the best weight loss diets available today, the South Beach Diet. This diet has been proven to work and is still working for a lot of individuals today. This diet was designed by Arthur Agatston and Mary Almon as a way to reduce heart disease amongst their patients. It was also discovered that the diet was great for weight loss and has been having a profound affect on many people ever since.

South Beach Diet

has been described as being neither ‘low-fat’ or ‘low-carb’, rather it is about learning which fats and carbs are good and filling one’s diet with those alternatives. The South Beach Diet is one of the best weight loss diets because it teaches people to discriminate between different varieties of food. You will learn what are the right fats and carbs for your daily diet.

The south beach diet is divided into four different phases

The first phase is for 14 days and is the strictest. Dieters are only allowed to eat lean protein such as eggs, vegetables, cheese, and nuts. Eating small amounts regularly is encouraged rather than eating large meals sporadically throughout the day as this will keep your metabolism working.

Phase 2 does not have a specific timetable, instead when the dieter reaches their ideal weight then they will move on to phase 3. By the way, in the 2nd phase you can start to re-introduce some of the foods that you had to give up in the first few weeks. Now the final and 4th phase is all about maintaining what you have learned, which is the right way and the right foods to eat.

The South Beach Diet is considered one of the best weight loss diets because it doesn’t  ask dieters to give up all of their favorite foods, and yet dieters can still lose weight. What’s more, there are a lot of restaurants these days that have foods from the South Beach Diet on their menu.

So if you are looking for the best weight loss diet, look no further than the South Beach Diet. This diet program will let you eat meals that have ample quantity of fats and protein. There’s no need to starve, just eat smart and live a healthy life!

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